What is prosody?  Most simply defined, it is the rhythmic structure of sound in speech, the closest to song that the common language of Prose comes. Why we differ speech from song is a mystery yet can we move towards the meeting of the two
through the Thetabeta Word Inculcator.   

Theta waves are the part of the brain that animals, including man,
use to keep track of their location within their environment.  
It is also connected with the mechanisms of learning and memory.  Beta waves, with their multiple and varying frequencies,  act as the strenghtening cords of sensory feedback occuring as anything from active concentration to busy or anxious thinking.

The Thetabeta is a tool to loop what appeares to be an outer environment, often represented by words, with the silent knowing of our inner environment.  For indeed the Eternal and External walk together using each single letter as a stepping stone.

 To use the Thetabeta (either the app or manual methods), enter a word, your name for example and the Thetabeta will retrieve a series of movements formed poetically as who you are.   Any word may be imbued with this elegant navigational guide which treats one to luscious clues as to Ones purpose and place Here in the whole.

You can also try the  names of people, places and things involved in Your Life
 so as to gain greater clarity of their relation to You. 
This includes the names of countries, animals, plants and feelings.

Remember to use capitals where they exist and to throw one in
now and then too.

for example:  Curious

In the Thesauric Dyslexicon*, the word curious is spelled out as
see you are I oh, us (C, U, R, I, O, US)
The Thetabeta takes you even closer to the royal jelly of Understanding as

C -integration

u – held/ free will

r  - moving forward with innocence

i - enlightenment

o – focused (embrace)

u - held/free will

s - flow

Now, out of Curiosity, where might you place the pronouns?  
How might you arrange this passage for youself?  And how navigate it?


Good question. Like the stars in Nights Sky does the Thetabeta strung all together tell the story of The Novel Kind. When flavoured with proposition for change does the lower case, the minuscule, have This Message for You.  Try adding the upper cases here and there too to get a slightly different flavour from the Spice of Life that is, the Word.

acceptance is connection
application is clarity
grace; ease is protection (like a soft breeze)
is self sustaining support

enlightenment is right relation
two views is precision
movement is standing on one's own
focus is the embrace of presence
curiosity; inquisition is moving forward with innocence
flow is options
free will, is held by our future selves
peace is the turning point
coming home
to our own cleverness