The Shaman'ca Loop


As we give so do we live on O’we



A sample of the beginning and the end....


Track 1 – Creation Story           

And a-wey we go into The Shaman’ca Loop.

Greetings Dear Ones
I Am going to tell you a Story. A Creation Story, A Lovestory

The elders say that all stories contain some things that are true and some things that are fact. This story has been told metaphorically, allegorically, historically and scientifically. Now, this story comes to you, practically. 

It is said that we come from the water and to her we shall return.
It is said we were once flagellate beings, floating weightlessly,
all life surrounding, streaming through us.

It is said that this changed, that Something occurred that had us get out of the water.
It is said that this planet was once only water,

water with one disk of land called Pangae (Pangaia).
One disc of Land perfectly fitted by Spider Woman
as not for the Worlds to collide.

Now, the name of this planet that we superficially call Earth
is expressed as O’we, the same orotund sound that the french use for Water.
And does this planet, this body of Water, have a child, named Moon.
And did this child separate from its mother, O’we, around the age of 2
to have experiences of its O’wn, too.
The Moon, like her Mother, was once a body structured of Water.
This is well documented by the Apollo people who named every one of her craters Mare…
which again, is Ocean mostly in Spanish.

And So as the spacious relationship of mother and child was forming
did a winged one descend upon the Moon,
enveloping the planetary body with its dark wings.

And was this being called Earth.
And did Earth embrace the Moon
sucking it dry, sucking the Life out of it like a hungry sponge, a grinchy grinch
leaving not even a spec of gravity or atmosphere.

And was this no wrong-doing of Earth. It’s just what Earth did,
as a parasite landing on the holy host.So does Earth suckle the host dry,
phenomenally empty and Void. 

Now, the planet O’we witnessed this.
She witnessed her child having The Life sucked out it.
For out of reach, the cord cut and cast off
she could do nothing to stop the consummation of the Moon.
And so turning a blind eye did O’we begin to freeze over,
to become comfortably numb.
As you can imagine, this was very hard for O’we to bear.

When the black bird had finally finished its course with the Moon
leaving her ashen and bare, did it pull itself away from the planetary body, the Moon.
And did this break O’wes heart, for the loss of her child
and in knowing what her Own fate might be.
For Now, well nourished, the black bird wasn’t in any haste
yet it would eventually seek a new host for the duration.
And in witnessing this as well, did O’we prepare for the worst.

And so O’we, the water goddess whose heart is as big as the Universe, broke in too pieces.
And while Earth was lazily laying the ink of Night, the juices of its digestive labour
did O’we secretly send a small piece of her heart, one iota of her Love,
to the dark side of the Moon for safe keeping.
And with the oscillating power of even one iota of her mothers heart,
her mothers Love, behind her
would the barren moon, now cinder and ash, go through the process
of being turned into a diamond.
Ya.  Waxed like the belle of the ball.

This would take much time, light years even.  And in the Mean time,
would the piece of the heart act as a dark crystal
sending the light, the ache of her mothers broken hearted-ness
as the seven coloured rays.Just like the cover of the Pink Floyd album, yes.
And so does the rainbow bridge the child to the mother
and the mother to the child
through the 7 coloured rays.


Track 6 -  Covered in Honey

You can only go forward now, which is a very fortunate thing.
And, you can also use Unfortunate for your benefit, in this Benevolent Act of Becoming.
For does Unfortunate take two steps back where Fortunate moves one step ahead.
Now, you are gifted with the skill of knowing the difference.
And you choose.
Because in this Gamos, this secret marriage in the making,
that is so cleverly arranged, so cleverly laid out, You are the Chooser.
You know how things work and what they are for and you know the songs
which bring Action to its bended knee.

And if you need help, read An Inklings Weave.
The first edition is the bare bones sack.  The second edition, Covered in Honey, more fleshed
out.  And use the Thetabeta Meaning Inculcator.
These will help you to Understand the eloquence of This.
And read into whatever you are Reading and see into whatever you are looking at, right now.
And go to that ceremony if it calls you, and don’t if it doesn’t.
And have that tobacco, and have that coffee, that donut. Or don’t.
And maybe, do both.
So you can have the actual experience for your self of what’s happening as it happens,
over Here And what’s happening Here.

There is using and there is use.
It is no right or wrong, just as there is Fortunate and Unfortunate,
there is Right And Wrong.
Tobacco for instance, has an inherent sense of Right
which uses Wrong however Venus chooses to communicate
with her diaphanous gummy bears of Eden.

We are, each of us, a Garden of Eden. This is your temple.
This is the structure, the sacred spaces layered upon layers
of layers and layers of deep Meaning.

Your Body is that which is more like wine, the bouquet
the essence flowing into your structure.
You are the marriage of two halves of a common Soul,
the circle in the circle, the sparkle in the eye, the jelly in the donut, baby*. 

There is an inner circle and an outer circle. The women are in the middle,
and the men are the sheaf giving protection and support. 
And do We honour you for this.

And do I know You.  I know You who are doing this.
You who hold our instruction manuals so we don’t have to read the boring details.
Thank you so much.

And some of You are saying to those who serve you by feeding You your instructions,
“Who are you to tell me what to do?”
Well, I suggest that you, open your eyes and see clearly now.
And you, wipe your eyes clean that you may read the instructions clearly now.  

Co-creation is The Big Picture.
We are not co-creating in the middle of the day. We are cooperating.
This is all we are doing.

Ok. Ok.  Get it straight.  Get True on this.
We are working in Cooperation with All My Relations for Creation.  Boom ….

And as such have I told you a Creation Story.
We are all pieces of the puzzle of the puzzle called the human race.
The race to become People.
Only thing is, some fool ran off with the cover.  

This is how it goes now, this is how it goes. Ya. We’ve been doing it all the time.
Believe in the co-existence*.  Ya.

Aho, mitakyasin, All My Relations, Migweche, Kooksham, yaba cadabra do. Who hoo!   


References and Acknowledgements:

  1. First Father:  Cesar Calvos
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  3. Benevolent Thought Form:  Tom Kenyan
  4. Jelly in the donut and more:  Michael Franti

Additional Vocals and Flute:  Cedar Soulfeather

With gratitude to producer Daryl Chonka, Burgoyne Bay and the Winds of Salt Spring Island.