Sacred Sequence


Time was invented not to frame the Living into dying
nor promote voluntary slavery and build ruins.
No, Time,  from the First Moment on,
was invented for Happiness to manufacture Beauty.*

In this Time of peace there are 13 sequences of 28 days
Each sequence begins at the new moon placement at the top of the flow-er.
Follow the moon, spiraling inward, counter to the clock and into the Middle.
Register the days with your hand from this point on 

justly as a lotus grows its own petals.
The symbols in the centre of each sequence will speak to your heart
breaking through the spells of the obvious to nourish the genuine spirit of humanity.

There are thirteen pages that constitute a year as an annual occurrence
yet you may use which ever you please
whenever and for Ever.

This Sacred Sequence has been offered to the four directions/elementals,
three copies each to fire, earth, water and air
and One received by the 13 Grandmothers for a blessing
Now it comes to your hands
carrying many blessings for your living Space.

The soul walks not upon a line,
neither does it grow like a reed.
The soul unfolds itself, like a lotus of countless petals.

                                                                      ~ Kahlil Gibran


*Cesar Calvos - Wizards of the Upper Amazon