an Inklings Weave 2


A Greeting from Ne'ith

Hello, and welcome to onelandoceanation.

Years ago did The Word
whisper wisdom in my inner ear…
Everything Is Everything and All There Is To Be Is Happy.

It is my hearts desire to share This with you
in ways that you might best receive
the multitudes of 
Meaning within
which make Good Fun of Life.

And might this take you your own sweet time.
Even to this day do I continue to see
more and more layers of good humor embedded
in The Word, floating all about Me.

And is it all about You, too.


PS.  Be sure to run your cursor over the feathers....



For Amazonia

Ne'ith Arrow is considered by many to be a conscious language nag, a wick of wit in the literary arts.  She is also the mother of two, a certified energy healing and cranio-sacral therapist, ceremonialist and shamanic practitioner combining her experiential wisdom and artistic gifts in unique programs to heel addictions of all kinds. For the last 10 years Ne'ith has been learning directly from the plants. Ne'ith lives in Peru and Canada with her dog, Allow.