an Inklings Weave



I kid you not, This Book is a piece of Work, a precious bag of bones in a medicine pouch of paper and ink laced with a homeopathic dose of discombobulation that you might see things as they are. Eventually you will stop "reading" and start listening so as to allow your magic eyes to pour through the portals and passageways posing as pages.

 It is said that Truth can only be spoken by Truth.  
Likewise does This Book speak for Itself with 
flowing Words warmed up
to paint vivid pictures like a Dream giving one the extrasensory experiences
of seeing as no-seeing and doing as no-doing.

So exposed to the shadowy light of ones own sublime Theme
does the novel Kind sprout up as a Visionary show and tell
to demonstrate who You are.
Yes, the you who is well fed on fantasy, fiction and self-help
yet still hungry and sweating it out for Allegory and Metaphor’s rich return.
And the You standing upon your formative plateau

faced out in the apocalyptic view of
I Just Know There Is More Here Than Meets the Eye.
And are you ready to greet It.

                                                                    yoo hoo...


Said one of my elders, "This book is big fucking deal."    

And in others Words:

Highly recommended insightful mind-bending consciousness-enhancing."

"Slow going but delicious.  Shakin' something up; a rarity."

 " I have been diving into your the way the words paint a picture that in some ways goes past my understanding..and lands somewhere deep inside."  

"It was hard going at first.  But then, I was suddenly IN."