Dyslexicon sample

A Small Sample of how the a, b, sees...

abracadabra   Gk. abraxis, a rooster headed god with serpent body in whom lightness and
    darkness are both united and transcended. Also as abre, open + cadaver, dead body

abyss    depth of the Ocean reflected as top of the sky

acceptance    the rope ladder Jacob climbed to get out of nostalgia

advertising    practice of promoting the enterprise of “you suck” to
         stimulate thumbs up

agape    spiritual love; openmouthed with surprise; awe; the Last Supper

ahemeral    a day of less than 24 hours

Akashic Records    long playing phonographic oldies and goldies spun at 33 1/3 revolutions per minute. See merkaba

All     inclusively exclusive; vastly limited; childlike; what you see without eyes. See cell, infinity

alleviate    remove pain; soothe; make fluid. See four noble truths

alleviated    done; finished; Home Free

aloha    Hawaiian greeting to express the Joy of sharing This Moment. See monkey mind, revelation

 alone    spirited; inhabited by spirit

                                        alter    that which shifts the reality of a Thing, not to be confused with
                                                                                       altar.  See substitute.

amaranth     a plant with red seeds; an imaginary flower which never fades; undying. Also known as Love lies bleeding.

amathyst    prophylactic for alcohol

amazing    the loose end of loves zing for Life;Ariadne's thread

ambiguous    double handed; of both, the same, neither

    thought to be extinguished indigenous action as guardianship of the pearl of Hispaniola, the floating shores of Nicaragua now known as Haiti and Dominican Republic

ancient chaos    extended burden of self-importance

antidote    familial sister of Antigone who lavishes one ridiculously with affection

Aramaic    the language of Arimathea based in the unified sequence of number and letter, spoken with strong aspiration. See intention, logarithm, number

arc    sustained luminous electrical discharge; air born. See rainbow bridge

Arian    of the heresiarch Arius; a logical development decreed by Origen which denied the divinity of Christ. The Germanic tribes were heresiarchal

arrow   a shoot upon sugarcane; directive; thorn in the paw of Oligarchy

artificial     mask of the artist's face

aspiration   40 day cycle of digestive contemplation following conception of an inner truth; the Great digested

Astara    a place where the rays shine from behind to light the pathways ahead

astrology   the constellate logic of mute storytellers

autarchy    Gk. autos, self + archos, ruler; absolute despotism bordering on tyranny. See language

autonomy    appellatory onomatopoeia of no My; as to be under control of a larger body; from Gk autos, self + nomos, name. See sat nam, sovereignty

appreciate    raised in value/valor as only woman can; primal matriarchal ritual aimed at bonding through continence spoken as I See You

ayahuasca    Amazonian vine; stalk of death which makes one sick so you might see your Self as Well; calls memories to order that all might be deemed Innocent; unfolds the origami of parallel existence; wholistic replacement for DNA.

awe    awareness of transcendent light. See fear

awesome    stingier cousin of aweful yet more readily embraced

bad    O.E. baeddel, hermaphrodite; the debit side of an account; Grm. baden, bathe

baffle    surface used to absorb waves as transformative

                          beehive    an association which behaves collectively for the purpose of making honey.  See realization, wisdom

begin    to be the genie you are. See djinn, gin

behave    to conduct oneself. See arc

behaviour    system of changing relations based on motivation; to be what you (i,our) have

belief    as with a leaf, needles and cones do they fall. See destructive, habit

being    one who speaks the world one wants to see; a state relative to reality

     Being    the mothering tongue that cleans out our ears to see hear now

              belong    even belongings have a sense of belonging; right order

       blackhead    spiritual acupuncture

blame    a bloody mess

blind    a window cover; veil

          caesarian   cutting of the twisted,  ambivalent cords of                                                                                                                                                                                   karma as ends to  cause and effect; the  severing of  fear                                                                                                                                                                                    from survival

                                        calamity    said as a disastrous event causing great distress    

                            calamary    source of ink    
              calamus    a pen; quill of a feather                                                                                                 

                                     cancer    lethally successful marketing campaign

                                                 cath     Gk.  kathos, to let or send down.  See Kathar

                                                               cathode   L. kathodos, descent; negative electron

                                                                               catharctic    a purgative medicine

                               celebrate    to seize the Occasion, revealing

censorious     L. centum, one hundred; faultfinding; a noticing of error as indicative fissure for another round

         ceremony     of cere, mind/thought + mony, singular; a rite enacted for the abundant harvest of One; cornucopia

                        certain     faculty of Understanding akin to cognition, knowledge and wisdom;  sure of course yet fertile

                                      chakruna     sound accompaniment for ayahuasca; allows the little people to do there thing; high in DMT;
                                               relative of  coffee

                                                    chalice    empty cup; grail; pen

                                                change    a jingle that fits in your pocket; nemesis of control

                                                        chaos    the gong show; the healing field of shambhala       

cheap    cutting remark come of mining people to do your bidding; not to be confused with inexpensive. See www.thestoryofstuff.com

                                Christ    not the brightest spark

Christ consciousness    omni presence of the eternal flame

chronic    of the crone; nagging that persists until one absorbs the signal; considered lethal if ignored. See ignorant

cocketrize    in the words of Webster, a fabulous deadly serpent; queztecotl

coexistence    to understand This to be a speck of dust and omnipotence simultaneously. See chose, parallel, parental

coffee    plant ally as supernatural caffeinate; medicine carrier of the plant chakruna which guides Intuition; decolonizing colonic. See mate, ripe

cognition    the act of knowing as an impression induced by the contractions of perception; the loamy soil of mind

cognitive    superficially awareness as to how things work; to know as a gesture of acceptance

coke    fuel; solid residue of coal baked yet not burned; by-product of crude oil production used for electrodes in making steel. See pepsi, shaman

collective consciousness    virtual cannibalism; lethally repetitive; meretricious dwelling place of fear, pride and paranoia; birthplace of They

collective unconscious    where the Good stuff lives with open doors awaiting the ones we have been waiting for. See pale, prophet, Sun, We

                       city    a place in which no cars dwell

                 commune    the interchangeability of thoughts and feelings as a polygamous act  
     communitas    where Soul meets Itself

community    Hbr. edah, witness; a body with many members restored as family. See beehive, immunity, sangha

comparison    the extreme sport of couch potatoes; addiction to addition; gossip

complicit    salient, complex base of Happiness

computer    telepathy at work

conditioning    that which helps you get through the Day; softening agent. See lover

                           confluence     a flowing together of streams forming one body

            confluenza     irrefutable and uncontainable pandemic

confuse    rearranging force which breaks the spells of Obvious in a single bound; mass of rubber bands that make up a bouncing ball; yield sign

consciousness    transferable unit of exchange for the viable success of a spiritual reality. See clone

conscious origin     knowing you are the big bang which realities bump into

consequence    unfathomable perfection of accordance and circumstance

constancy    so ordered order of God. See jungle

contemplation     propensity of mind to construct templates of Understanding. See wit, word

content    heirloom; birthright. Shipping container of the Ancestors

continence    English translation for the successachieving fertility of the Sanskrit symbol OM to call in non-sexual creation (do not panic, this does not infer no sex). See desire, unity

contradiction    bound to expose the nature of duality; blatantly ambiguous

control    parasitic conditioning akin to dandruff and kidney stones

cooperation    the shortest line between two points; station for refueling. See economical

copper     electronic conduit which dreams are made of; alchemical ally working with faulty dragon lines to detect weak spots and leaks

                          copper    colloquial for one who serves and protects          

                     Courage    keeps ticking like the ever ready bunny until it sees the light at the end of the tunnel. See ductile, vascular

crazy    the sound of ones own wheel

creatine     Gk. kreas, flesh; alkeline aid of Happiness

   Creation    begins in the middle. See infinity