…and wanting to rectify their hearts,
the people sought precise verbal definition
of their inarticulate thoughts,
the tones given off by the heart…

Confucius, The Great Digest

The astonishing work of lexicographers in gathering the ever bouncing ball of language is no less an epic task than the taming of the shrew. We know words are powerful for have we seen them break and save lives, make enemies and friends, start war and create peace. In saturnalian time was the Dictionary appropriately dubbed the World’s most authoritative tool for the mastery of the English language. Yet have many words become disassociated from their true purpose as blistered, blemished and just plain wore out. And so as Renewed Testament of our Hearts desire to set Things Right does the Thesauric Dyslexicon come as eccentric elocutionist rousing one to speak soundly so as to bring Meaning to Life. For blessed is the one who speaks the world into being with the Word clarified seven times so as to be Pure.

Technically the evolution of Word as Lords-a-leaping flip flopped through many transformations between the Hydra heads of Semitic, Phoenician, Hebrew, Greek and Latin before tumbling out of the Roman canister into the mosh pit of English. Yet does every word have Its ductile meaning often one for the incoming and one the outgoing yet all imparted with the One that words alone cannot express without their rhythmic vernacular. And so as the tongue wagging go betweens giving movement to the invisible and visible realms of reality so does the glossary in deed, originate as from the Gk. glossa or tongue, come as our tattling guide Well tipped off.

Despite being copyrighted, The Webster Dictionary, which I consider the modern Noah’s Arc (floated by Miriam) is the second most widely plagiarized story of Word right after the Bible. Where the New Lexicon united both encyclopedic and defined Traditions does the Thesauric Dyslexicon further weave the New Concepts into neo-phonic inculcators which speak the poetically structured Mother tongue for inarticulate and injured thought as word to make their right of passage into Fluidity. And does This glossary lick the wounds of ill-fitting habits and toxic repetition to be restoratively spoken as a pineal picnic. Belonging upon this island of misfits as well are words seemingly absent as forgotten in yellowed pages of sonnet and the abscessed longing to be called upon for service by the clever puss Dragon Lady Earth.

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